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Ooyala Flex is a media logistics platform that streamlines video production and distribution. With asset and metadata management plus workflow orchestration in a single platform, Ooyala Flex eliminates inefficiencies in your media operations, so you can scale your business and grow your revenue. Ooyala Flex is platform, format, and user interface neutral which means it can be used across a wide range of business functions and industries, and you can create custom interfaces or plug Ooyala Flex into existing platforms. For an overview, see Media Logistics.

Hot Topics

  • Custom Markers: You can now add custom markers to timelines in MAM. Example: various events occur throughout a football match (soccer match), such as yellow cards, red cards, injuries, goals, and free kicks. Custom markers can be used to differentiate between these events. A goal could be represented by a football icon, and an injury might be represented by an icon of a bandage, and so on.
  • Subtitle Support in MAM: You can now view multi-language subtitles for the assets you have uploaded in MAM.
  • Web Transfer: Multi-language UI: The Web Transfer UI is now available in different languages, which can be selected using a drop-down menu.

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