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Redes de ads admitidas

Ooyala admite redes de ads de terceros compatibles con Video Ad Serving Template (VAST).

Servidores de ads

Ooyala admite los siguientes servidores de ads:

  • Integraciones generales VAST 2.0
  • Integraciones VPAID
  • Adify (In-Stream)
  • AdTech (In-Stream, Overlay, Companion)
  • Atlas (In-Stream, Companion)
  • Brightroll (In-Stream, Companion)
  • CBSi (In-Stream)
  • DART Enterprise
  • DoubleClick (In-Stream, Overlay, Companion)
  • FreeWheel (In-Stream, Overlay, Companion)
  • Lightningcast (In-Stream, Companion)
  • LiveRail (In-Stream)
  • Open AdStream (In-Stream, Overlay, Companion)
  • OpenX (In-Stream, Overlay)
  • SpotXchange (In-Stream, Companion)
  • TV2N (In-Stream)
  • Videoplaza (In-Stream, Companion)
  • YuMe

Redes de Ads

  • Brightroll (In-Stream, Overlay, Companion)
  • Google AdSense (In-Stream, Overlay, End Slate)
  • ScanScout (In-Stream)
  • Tremor Acudeo (In-Stream, Overlay, Companion, End Slate, VChoice)
  • Tremor Lite (In-Stream)
  • YuMe (In-Stream, Overlay, Companion)