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Gestión de reproductores: Lista

API de Backlot v1

API de Backlot v2



El ejemplo siguiente obtiene información sobre un reproductor:


Backlot devuelve una respuesta similar a la siguiente:

  "ooyala_branding": {
    "show_share_button": true,
    "twitter_sharing": false,
    "show_info_screen_homepage_link": true,
    "show_ad_countdown": true,
    "show_info_screen_title": true,
    "facebook_sharing": false,
    "show_info_button": true,
    "url_sharing": false,
    "email_sharing": true,
    "digg_sharing": false,
    "show_embed_button": true,
    "show_info_screen_description": false,
    "show_bitrate_button": false,
    "show_channel_button": true,
    "enable_error_screen": true,
    "show_end_screen_replay_button": true,
    "accent_color": "#ffbb00",
    "show_volume_button": true
  "name": "Basic Player",
  "provider_homepage_url": null,
  "related_videos": {
    "click_behavior": "new_page",
    "order": "desc",
    "sort": "upload_time",
    "labels": [

    "source": "shared_labels"
  "is_default": false,
  "scrubber": {
    "image_url": null,
    "always_show": false
  "playback": {
    "buffer_on_pause": false
  "id": "83fc33534581448eab446935baa6b1f0",
  "default_closed_caption_language": "",
  "watermark": {
    "image_url": null,
    "click_url": null,
    "alpha": 1.0